Hand washing

11 May 2020


Hand hygiene (such as the use of antiseptics), barrier techniques (such as the use of personal protective equipment), and disinfectants are critical tools to successfully prevent and control infections and are available at any place of care where it is required. ABC Medical Center identifies those situations in which personal protective equipment, such as masks, eye protection, gowns, or gloves, is needed and provides training on its correct use. Liquid soap, antiseptics, towels, or other means of drying are located in those areas where handwashing and disinfection procedures are required. Staff receives ongoing, up-to-date training on how to properly perform handwashing, hand sanitizing, and surface disinfection procedures, as well as the correct use of personal protective equipment.

ABC Medical Center adopts and implements evidence-based hand hygiene recommendations to minimize the risk of healthcare-associated infections. Hand hygiene is the cornerstone of infection prevention.

Infection prevention and control is currently a challenge in most healthcare settings, and rising rates of healthcare-associated infections are a major concern for patients and healthcare professionals. Proper hand hygiene is of the utmost importance to eliminate infections. ABC Medical Center adheres to the evidence-based handwashing recommendations available from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other national and international organizations.

All professionals, staff in general, patients, and family are trained in the correct procedures for hand washing and disinfection, following the guidelines set by the Hospital Epidemiological Surveillance Unit. Within the facilities, there are sinks and supplies in all outpatient and hospital areas available to all professionals involved in patient care. Within the organization, patient care is guaranteed from admission to discharge, based on this, pedestals with gel alcohol are placed in strategic places (entrance and exit of patients and relatives, outside the rooms, corridors, elevators, and before entering cafeterias and restaurants, as well as in different waiting rooms).

The Hospital Epidemiological Surveillance Unit supervises that the five moments of the WHO and the correct Hand Hygiene technique are performed by all ABC Medical Center personnel.

“The 5 moments for hand hygiene”

  1. Before touching the patient
  2. Before performing a clean/aseptic task,
  3. After being exposed to body fluids,
  4. After touching the patient, and
  5. After being in contact with the patient’s environment.

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