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How does ABC Medical Center take care of the environment?

30 June 2021


Key points:

  • Caring for the environment shapes all the actions that are performed to turn our planet into a clean, healthy, and safe place where our generations and those to come can live.
  • As a hospital, it is important to take part in controlling waste disposal and its proper management.
  • We have a serious commitment to comply with current environmental regulations, as well as plans under development and their implementation to do our bit.

 At ABC Medical Center we are aware of the importance of caring for the environment, since waste, poor air quality, and all kinds of pollution, can affect the entire population’s health.

Due to this, we decided to implement an Environmental Management System on both campuses to reduce and evaluate environmental and public health impacts that our institution could cause.

What does the ABC Medical Center’s Environmental Management System consist of?

Our institution works to build sustainable development, therefore, we commit to:

  • Identify activities that negatively impact the environment.
  • Comply with all current environmental regulations.
  • Implement our developed processes so that our current and future services do not have a negative impact.
  • Reduce the generation of waste, liquid discharges, and atmospheric emissions, as well as the consumption of material resources, fuels, and water.
  • Adopt recycling to give new productive opportunities to the materials that can be recycled.
  • Share our experience based on the actions taken in environmental matters for all those interested in promoting public and environmental health.

Our implemented initiatives

Drinking water care

We have installed water-saving devices to reduce the daily consumption of this natural resource.

All wastewater generated in our facilities is sent to our treatment plants, which are checked every day to guarantee their operation. This allows us to deliver to the drainage system water that complies with Mexico City regulatory guidelines.

Integral waste management.

The various types of waste generated by our hospital are properly managed through a selection and recycling process to reduce the amount that reaches final disposal such as landfills.

We also have duly identified containers so that this selection is followed to the letter and we can meet our goal of minimizing residual waste.

Green areas management

Our green areas are atmospheric carbon generators and insects and pollinators attractors such as bees. They are also healthy and pleasant leisure and recreation areas. As well as our urban gardens, which are treated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Energy saving

At ABC Medical Center we have LED lighting systems and motion detectors to turn them on and off, this helps us reduce light time.

We also have solar heaters that provide us with 30% of the water used in the hospital. This way we avoid the emission of greenhouse gases generated by fuel combustion.

We develop internal campaigns to save electricity and water and we train all staff to become aware and reduce some habits that have a direct impact on carbon emissions.

Let’s do this together for a healthier Mexico!


Taken from internal article.

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