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Duties of a pathologist

26 October 2022

A pathologist is a specialist in pathological anatomy, a branch of science focused on studying the causes, development, and consequences of diseases.

To accomplish this, pathology studies tissue and fluid samples through macroscopic and microscopic morphological examination of cellular components. Due to this, the pathologist does not treat patients directly, but issues diagnoses so that other doctors determine the corresponding treatment.

The pathological study focuses on organic-based lesions that allow a biopsy to be taken, a process where cells or tissues are extracted to be studied under a microscope or perform other types of tests.

Pathology laboratory, what is it and how is it divided?

For its control, ABC Medical Center uses different laboratories for the correct pathological investigation that the pathologist will later analyze:

  • Clinical pathology laboratory. It has more than 3,000 tests and state-of-the-art technology for blood chemistry, biochemical, hematological, and microbiological tests.
  • Surgical pathology laboratory. It allows obtaining samples from patients during surgery for the diagnosis of possible diseases and determining the treatment to follow.
  • Molecular pathology laboratory. It is dedicated to the use of molecular biology techniques applied to identifying alterations in nucleic acids or proteins whose identification contributes to the diagnosis of diseases or variants susceptible to specific treatments.

The pathologist understands a wide group of lesions that range from inflammatory to degenerative and mainly tumoral.

At the ABC Medical Center’s Clinical Pathology Laboratory and Clinical Analysis Laboratory, we can provide you with specialized care. Contact us and find your pathologist!


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