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Senile dementia: geriatric patient care

25 January 2022

Key points

  • What to do to help older adults?
  • What kind of measures should I consider for their care?
  • By considering some recommendations we can promote an optimal lifestyle according to their age.

Senile dementia develops due to a loss in cognitive function associated with certain diseases that directly affect memory, thought, and behavior in the elderly, leading them to depend on third parties to the point of needing more support as the disease progresses.

However, as family members we can participate in their daily care, promoting good practices that help the patient to feel part of their environment. Therefore, we give you some recommendations that could be very useful if you care for an older adult:

  • Have familiar objects like a photo album, this will help exercise their mind and memories.
  • Keep some dim lighting at night for a feeling of safety and warmth.
  • Leave them reminders like watering the plants, easy-to-do lists, or instructions for daily activities, this will put their mind on a routine map that will make them want to focus on doing them.
  • Help them schedule simple activities like brushing their teeth, taking a shower, etc.
  • Talk about current events such as the news, a television series, or cleaning, this way their mind will be exercised.
  • Taking regular walks with a caregiver will help improve their communication skills to keep them from wandering.
  • Include a musical session to improve their sleep, restlessness, and anxiety.

Supervised meals are also a great contribution since older adults with dementia can forget to eat and drink, resulting in some type of dehydration.

Part of home care includes the prevention of falls in high-risk places such as the bathroom or kitchen, so it is necessary to evaluate the spaces that represent a danger to the patient and take measures in this regard by conditioning the home according to their needs.

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