WITHOUT WOMEN, we cannot perform Quality Medicine at ABC Medical Center

On March 9, an initiative that seeks to raise awareness about the role of women in our society calls on women to stop their activities for one day.
ABC Medical Center recognizes the free decision of more than 2,000 women who are part of our institution concerning participating in this initiative.
Commitment to the patient is our priority, so the following strategies will be implemented:
1.- With the planned support of some of our nurses, doctors, cashiers, diagnostic and rehabilitation technicians, among others, we will continue to provide care to our patients at both Campuses.
2.- We will responsibly attend our services on March 9. The male staff will work normally, covering as much as possible work areas where our female colleagues are not present.
3.- All of the above is a coordinated effort between our work teams so that our service continues to reflect the highest quality standards.
We thank the community for their preference and we are sure that the initiative will improve the level of awareness that society currently has about the importance of women.