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Why choose a humanized childbirth?

28 May 2021


Key points: 

  • In humanized childbirth, mom and baby have the leading role throughout labor.
  • This practice promotes the long-term emotional, psychological, and cognitive development of the baby.
  • Avoiding the unnecessary use of medications and surgical interventions can help avoid major complications as long as the pregnancy is not high risk and the treating physician recommends it.

Obstetric practices for childbirth have changed over the years.

Today it is quite common to hear about respected or humanized childbirth; below, we will explain what this method is about and why it is one of the best ways to give birth.

What is humanized childbirth?

This term refers to the mother’s, baby’s, and families’ rights during birth and the steps that follow.

The purpose is that health personnel promote an environment of respect and calm, promote women empowerment by having the leading role, and encourage them to trust their body and their natural capacity for giving birth.

In humanized childbirth, efforts are made to avoid pain medications and adopt the position in which the mother feels most comfortable during labor, bringing a healthy baby into the world.

In practice, the father can be present and not only witness but also contribute and participate in the birth, which generates communication and union between the couples who decide to perform this type of birth.

How does humanized childbirth benefit my baby?

At birth, the baby stays with the mother, favoring skin-to-skin contact that represents the beginning of a maternal bond, which affects the emotional, psychological, and cognitive development of the baby. In addition, it promotes breastfeeding immediately after birth.

WHO considers that this practice favors the quality of life of both mothers and newborns since it considerably reduces routine interventions and medications, which provides greater physical, emotional, psychological well-being and satisfaction regarding motherhood, decreasing the probability of postpartum depression and breastfeeding difficulties.

Important points about humanized childbirth according to the WHO

  • Pain relief depends on each woman’s preference, who may choose epidural during labor, parenteral opioids, or none at all.
  • If the mother wishes, relaxation techniques, meditation, aromatherapy, and music therapy are recommended to liven up the birth process.
  • The woman has the right to choose the position in which she wants to give birth.
  • Skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby should occur during the first hour of life to strengthen emotional ties, reduce the risk of hypothermia, and encourage breastfeeding.

At ABC Medical Center we have LDR rooms (labor, delivery, and recovery), which promote the practices suggested by the WHO to have a natural birth and provide a quiet and respectful space for you and your baby to have the best experience. Rooming-in allows mother and child to sleep from day one together, promoting emotional bonding and breastfeeding.

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