Request for Medical Rotations

Request for Medical Rotations

Call for Medical Rotations

The ABC Medical Center communicates the steps to follow for the application of medical rotations, aimed at providing a robust clinical experience, reinforcing acquired knowledge, and offering an insight into the practice of medicine at our hospital.

Medical Residents interested in undertaking rotations at the ABC Medical Center should submit the “Rotation Request Letter” based on the following guidelines:

  1. Issued and signed on official letterhead by the Head of Education at their institution.
  2. Addressed to “To whom it may concern.”
  3. Resident’s information: full name, specialty, and the year of residency.
  4. Month and Area in which they wish to rotate (if requesting rotation with a specific doctor
    please detail it in the letter).
  5. Sent from the Medical Education email of the home institution with a copy
    to the rotating resident.
  6. Sent to the Medical Education at the ABC Medical Center:
  7. Requests without the mentioned document will not be considered.

According to internal regulations, requests signed by the residents themselves or by
coordinators/head physicians of the specialty will not be processed. Requests must exclusively come from the Education or Health Education areas of each institution.

Requests should be made at least one month in advance of the desired rotation date.

Once the above is received, the Medical Education Directorate of the ABC Medical Center will respond by email to the requesting institution. The response will include a document detailing the required documentation and instructions to initiate the administrative admission process.
Direct entry to any area of this Institute is strictly prohibited before completing the instructions outlined in the mentioned document.

Changes may occur due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.
These will be notified in advance to the rotating resident.

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