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Hygiene and cleanliness

11 May 2020


The infection prevention and control program is based on current scientific knowledge, on national and international practice guidelines, on applicable legislation and regulations (NOM 017 and NOM 045), and on hygiene and cleanliness standards in the care of linen and bedding.

At ABC Medical Center the risk of infection is minimized since proper cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization processes are carried out throughout the organization, such as cleaning and disinfecting endoscopes, the sterilization of surgical instruments and other materials, devices and equipment used for invasive or non-invasive procedures. Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization take place in a centralized sterilization area or other areas of the organization, such as endoscopy, inhalation therapy, hemodynamics, hemodialysis, and dentistry areas. For each of these processes, security barriers are implemented and periodically supervised; for example, sterilization processes are validated by physical, chemical, or biological means.

Another process that is supervised by the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit is the possible risk of infection for staff and patients due to the handling of clean, dirty, and contaminated clothing. This is minimized with the correct process for handling clothing that includes washing, distribution, transportation, and storage, as well as the confinement of dirty and contaminated clothing. For each of these processes, safety barriers are implemented to minimize the risks of contamination and infection, the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit personnel periodically supervise these processes.

Proper cleaning of the room while the patient is in the hospital and final cleaning of the room after the patient is discharged are performed following infection control guidelines.

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