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What is Miscarriage?

23:06 - 27 April , 2021


The abrupt and unexpected termination of pregnancy naturally prior to reaching 20 weeks is called miscarriage. Half of the pregnancies usually end by miscarriage that occurs in the first 12 weeks and in most cases are so early that they go unnoticed. 

Types of abortion

The classification depends on when it occurs: 

  • Early: before the first 12 weeks.
  • Late: beyond the first 12 weeks.


The potential risks of suffering a miscarriage are significantly higher after 40 years of age (25-30% probability), while they are lower between 20 and 30 years.

Women who have already had one abortion are more likely to have a second abortion, and those who have had two abortions are more likely to have a third.

Why does a miscarriage occur?

The causes may vary, but it normally occurs when there are genetic diseases and the fetus has slowed its growth, the woman has an abnormal uterus, has uncontrolled diabetes, has an incompatible blood group, or suffers an accident or strong blow.

Signs and symptoms Miscarriage

The warning signs that a miscarriage will occur and that you should go to the ABC Emergency Room are mainly belly pain, vaginal bleeding, dilation of the cervix, fever over 38ºC, and if you notice that you have passed something solid through the vagina, or a viscous fluid with a very bad smell is flowing out. 

Diagnosis and treatment Miscarriage

When there is bleeding equal to or greater than that of menstruation during pregnancy, a miscarriage surely occurred, but the study necessary to have an accurate diagnosis is to perform an ultrasound that confirms that the fetus no longer has a heartbeat, accompanied by a blood count to verify hormonal levels.

Prevention factors

Although it is not possible to prevent it, you can minimize the possibilities by following these recommendations: 

  • Do not consume tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine.
  • Be careful not to receive abdominal blows and to avoid falls.
  • Maintain healthy habits before and during pregnancy.
  • Prevent infections and diseases that increase risk such as diabetes.
  • Consult your doctor about the intake of any medication.

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