Preventive Medicine

Multidisciplinary team with the best professionals

We have several comprehensive health assessment programs tailored to specific segments of the population.

The Department of Preventive Medicine is the best specialized multidisciplinary team (physicians, nurses, dieticians and health technicians) gathered within one space who, along with the administrative personnel and cutting-edge diagnosis equipment, carry out procedures designed to maintain health.

Checkup: we care about your health

Information for Patients

Find detailed information about the indications to attend your checkup, as well as procedures and payment methods.

You can find us at both locations

Observatorio Campus

Sur 136 No. 116, Col. Las Américas, Álvaro Obregón, 01120, Cd. de México.
Tel. (55) 1103 1690 y 1691

Santa Fe Campus

Av. Carlos Graef Fernández 154, Col. Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa, 05300, Cd. de México.
Tel. (55) 1103 1690 y 1691