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Tips psychology for quarantine

6 April 2020

  1. Create a life routine with schedules for different activities during your day.
  2. Set meals times to regulate physical hunger and food intake.
  3. If you feel stressed, incorporate physical activity as many times as necessary during your day.
  4. Plan and organize what you are going to eat during the day.
  5. “You can’t eat what isn’t there”, shop for healthy food.
  6. Do leisure activities that you enjoy.
  7. Have a diary where you write your feelings and what this quarantine represents for you.
  8. Identify your emotions and use healthy strategies for managing them.
  9. Find moments of peace, you can select a place and go to it when you need it.
  10. Organize your house, this will help you feel in control.
  11. Avoid snacking on high-calorie foods due to your emotional state.
  12. Do household and/or recreational activities with your family.
  13. Avoid consuming alcoholic or stimulating drinks, they could cause greater anxiety.

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