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After how many days can I know if I am pregnant?

10 March 2023

Mujer contenta viendo el resultado de una prueba de embarazo

A very common question that women may have is after how many days can I know if I am pregnant? Although the main obvious sign of pregnancy may be the lack of menstruation, it is also true that conception can occur a few days before this is noticeable.

It is difficult to detect if there is a pregnancy the first days after conception since no bodily or hormonal changes announce it.

Sometimes we hope to have an answer as to how fast can I know if I am pregnant, but this is not clear, because conception can occur around 14 days before the next menstruation or if the woman has irregular menstruation, it does not allow to identify this event immediately.

The reality is that there is no exact number of days to know if you are pregnant, but from the tenth day after conception, many women can already know if they are pregnant, although each case is completely different.

Pregnancy symptoms

The symptoms can change throughout the different stages of pregnancy and each woman can experience it differently, although in the first days, it is very difficult for women to perceive anything, because the pregnancy hormone (beta-hCG ) is very low.

Early pregnancy symptoms include:

  • Tender or swollen breasts.They can be perceived as more sensitive and larger, the areolas begin to darken and small rashes may appear.
  • Nausea. Nausea can occur at any time of the day. Although this normally begins a couple of months after conception, some women can perceive them much earlier.
  • More frequent urination. Due to the hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) blood supply to the pelvic area increases, increasing the urge to urinate.
  • Fatigue. It is normal to feel tired in the first days of pregnancy, this is due to the increase in basal temperature, accelerated heart rate, and low blood pressure. The woman’s body is preparing for pregnancy.

Other symptoms that could occur in the first days or weeks of pregnancy include increased vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding, changes in smell, mood swings, changes in the sense of taste, or constipation, among others.

When does the pregnancy begin to show?

It is important to consider that each pregnancy is unique and different factors affect when and how much a woman can notice or even know after how many days I can know if I am pregnant.

In general, most women begin to show at the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, as the belly begins to widen.

Although the lack of menstruation is one of the most important symptoms when it comes to detecting a pregnancy, it must be remembered that each woman will experience her pregnancy uniquely and differently.

It is recommended that regardless of whether the pregnancy is sought or not, it is necessary to have frequent doctor’s appointments to have proper health control.

At ABC Medical Center’s Obstetrics Center, you can solve your doubts regarding when can you know if you are pregnant. We can provide you with specialized attention. Contact us!


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