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Diet recommendations at home for stroke patients

Key points:

  • Swallowing therapy is divided into 3 stages.
  • The first food should be almost liquid baby food.
  • The patient will indicate when it is time to increase the bite size.

A patient who has suffered a cerebrovascular accident or STROKE must gradually work on swallowing therapy, which is necessary for them to be able to eat on their own.

Lic. Arely del Carmen Elizalde, ABC Medical Center’s executive chef, indicates that within swallowing therapy it is important to consider different stages for food consumption:

  • Baby food. The first step is to start with baby food with an almost liquid texture, this will help the patient in their first contact with food. They should thicken the food little by little.
  • Finely chopped food. Subsequently, food, from cooked vegetables to animal protein, must be chopped very finely, in this way it will be possible to validate the patient’s level of swallowing.
  • Increase chop size. The size of the food should be increased gradually, as tolerated by the patient until reaching normal-sized bites.

Swallowing therapy will come to an end, once the size of the bite corresponds to the one the patient used to consume before the incident.

This process will help the patient’s caregiver and those who help them with their diet, with better care and support so that they continue to advance in all their therapies, says Lic. Elizalde.

ABC Medical Center is certified as a Primary Center for the Care of STROKE patients, endorsed by the Joint Commission International.

This content is for informational purposes and does not replace any consultation with the specialist. At the ABC Medical Center’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Area, we can provide you with specialized care. 


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