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Recommendations to maintain a healthy weight during this contingency

9 April 2020


If you have obesity and/or diabetes, during this contingency we recommend the following for adequate glucose control:

Do not suspend any treatment unless your doctor indicates it

Structure your eating habits, physical activity, exercise, and sleep habits to avoid glucose imbalance and weight gain. It is important to have a sufficient supply of your glucose control medications (insulin and other medications that your doctor has prescribed for you), as well as material for your self-monitoring (glucometer with batteries, lancets, syringes, sensors, or continuous glucose monitors).

SELF-MONITORING: do not forget to monitor your glucose levels. Try to keep your fasting glucose and before meals between 180-130 mg/dl, and between 140 and 180 mg/dl two hours after eating.

To maintain a healthy weight during this contingency, we recommend taking small but significant steps to achieve your goals.

Start by setting small, specific, meaningful goals that will lead to better results instead of trying to do everything at once.

Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and within a certain Time).

You can start by asking yourself the following:

  1. What habit or behavior will you change? (Be specific)
  2. How often will you do it? (Be realistic)
  3. Why is it important for my health?
  4. When and how will I check if my goal has been met and if I have obtained a satisfactory result for my health?

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Prepared by nutritionists at the ABC Nutrition and Obesity Center.

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