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Social work within ABC Medical Center

16 July 2021


Key points:

  • Our social work programs are inclusive, sustainable, and replicable.
  • We are committed to providing the best medical service to people in vulnerable communities through our social impact programs.
  • We treat conditions such as high specialty, chronic-degenerative diseases, dental, cleft lip and palate, and the process of child development from the womb.

How was ABC Medical Center born?

It was founded by Lady and Lord Cowdray with American and British collaboration; we are the result of their altruistic spirits. ABC Medical Center was born to provide medical care to different economically vulnerable communities.

Our non-profit institution is governed by a board of trustees 100% committed to each patient in all specialties to provide support, the highest quality, state-of-the-art technology, and the best-prepared health professionals in the country.

What social impact programs do we have?

We have developed a model that meets our patient’s needs to reduce the imbalance in access to main health services:

1. Eight high specialty programs

Created together with public health institutions, an exclusive medical body willing to donate their time and work altruistically, and philanthropic civil society institutions; we provide highly specialized services to low-income patients who would otherwise not be able to have access to them:

  • Pediatric Oncology Center: which treats childhood cancer through bone marrow transplants, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.
  • ABC Pediatric Heart Center – Kardias: experts in congenital heart disease.
  • Transplant Center: it has a kidney transplant program for patients who require a new kidney.
  • Epilepsy Clinic: provides opportunities for patients with difficult-to-control epilepsy through surgical treatment that helps restore their independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology Center: offers joint replacements that promote recovery from serious orthopedic conditions.
  • Child care for Cleft Lip and Palate.

2. Community care

  • It offers comprehensive care to low-income women, accompanying them from their pregnancy until the child is 5 years old to guarantee optimal development for a healthy future.
  • We care for older adults offering dental services for better oral health.
  • Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic giving comprehensive care for children and adolescents up to 18 years old nationwide.

3. Research and teaching

Through this social work, we support medical knowledge and technological advances by training new talent with a teaching model in conjunction with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

This is the basis and our starting point to promote health in our country, we will continue to nurture and implement social work activities to optimize the health of our population and new generations.

The task belongs to all of us!

At ABC Medical Center’s Department of Social Impact we can provide you with specialized care. Contact us!

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