Nutritionists at ABC

Achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition. Our multidisciplinary team of nutritionists, with over 16 years of experience, is here to help you achieve your wellness goals through nutritional counseling and meal plans tailored to your individual needs.

ujer cumpliendo sus metas de bienestar después de una consulta con nutriólogo.

Nutritionists to lose weight.
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    Nutritionist Consultation

    First consultation: $900 MXN*
    Subsequent consultations: $750 MXN*

    Discover your body composition accurately using our bioimpedance, the most effective and responsible way to control your weight. Schedule your nutrition consultation today!

    * Terms and conditions: Prices include VAT. Promotion valid from January 1st to December 31st, 2024. Not applicable with other promotions or interest-free months. Prices subject to change without prior notice.

    In the nutritional counseling, we will review the following points:

    Médico nutriólogo haciendo una evaluación de composición corporal.
    • Initial evaluation: Detailed interview to understand current eating habits, health goals, and any specific concerns. Review of medical history and lifestyle.
    • Diet analysis: Detailed review of typical dietary intake, including foods, beverages, and supplements. Assessment of diet quality and possible nutritional deficiencies.
    • Goal setting: Collaboration with the patient to establish realistic and achievable goals related to nutrition and health.

    Why Choose ABC Nutrition Center at Observatorio?

    Equipo multidisciplinario de especialistas en nutrición.
    • We have personalized programs based on clinical guidelines and care protocols with proven long-term results.
    • We have a multidisciplinary team with 16 years of experience, including specialists in sports medicine, medical nutritionists, endocrinology, bariatric nutritionists, psychology, internal medicine, and oncology nutritionists.
    • We rely on scientifically proven, personalized nutritional care protocols to provide you with the best possible care.
    • We conduct detailed follow-up of each case, ensuring quality and satisfaction throughout your journey to health.
    • Our nutritionists are trained to provide specialized counseling on the use of meal replacements as part of a balanced diet.

    Multidisciplinary Nutritional Counseling

    We design a comprehensive Nutritional Check-Up with our specialists in internal medicine, medical nutritionist, sports medicine, and psychology, through which you can assess your health status and identify behaviors and experiences that may have contributed to weight gain.

    Additionally, we are committed to the prevention and control of metabolic diseases to improve your quality of life. Our comprehensive approach covers conditions such as insulin resistance, diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, thyroid diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and sleep apnea.

    Una mujer mayor está en asesoría de nutrición mientras la doctora toma sus signos vitales.

    Cost of Metabolic Check-Up: $12,245*

    Includes:  4 nutrition consultations (internal medicine, medical nutritionist, psychology, and sports medicine), Whole-body densitometry, 7 laboratory tests, Resting electrocardiogram.

    Una mujer joven se debate entre optar por una alimentación saludable con el nutricionista o darse un gusto con una hamburguesa.

    Promotion: Metabolic Check-Up

    Upon contracting the Metabolic Check-Up receive 4 additional consultations at no cost* with our specialists. Additionally, get 3 to 12 months interest-free** with participating credit cards.

    *Terms and conditions: Prices include VAT. Promotion valid from January 1st to June 30th, 2024 at Observatorio Campus. Not applicable with other promotions or interest-free months. Prices subject to change without prior notice. Follow-up consultations are valid for two months from the date of the Check-Up and one month (4 weeks) from the first appointment. All appointments are scheduled at the first follow-up visit. Missed appointments on the scheduled date and time will result in forfeiting the consultation. **Check participating cards here.

    Multidisciplinary Nutrition Team

    A multidisciplinary nutrition team works together to provide comprehensive care that addresses the physical, emotional, and nutritional needs of patients, with the goal of promoting overall well-being and preventing diet-related diseases.

    En la consulta nutricional, el médico nutriólogo señala un plato de frutas y verduras mientras en la mesa se observa una cinta métrica.
    La imagen muestra tenis, pesas, una cinta métrica, una manzana y un tapete de yoga, relacionados con la medicina del deporte.
    Una doctora con un estetoscopio y una botella de agua durante una asesoría en nutrición, destacando el rol de los nutriólogos para bajar de peso.
    Una doctora sostiene una manzana y una cinta métrica, ilustrando la labor de los nutriólogos bariátras en el control del peso.
    Una doctora muestra porciones de alimentos en una asesoría nutricional, con frutas, verduras y una cinta métrica.
    Una mujer mayor, enfrentando el cáncer, se cuida con una dieta especial. Un nutriólogo oncólogo la asesora con atención y experiencia.

    Oncology Nutritionist

    Facing cancer and its treatments can be challenging, but proper nutrition can make a significant difference in how you feel and recover. At ABC, we're here to help. Our oncology nutritionist and sports nutritionist will guide you to choose the right foods that will strengthen you and improve your quality of life.

    We use advanced technology to monitor your body composition and tailor your nutrition plan to your specific needs. Together, we can improve your well-being and support you every step of the way in your treatment.