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Benefits of CT with artificial intelligence

14 July 2022

When talking about artificial intelligence (AI), a reference is made to systems or machines that can mimic human intelligence by performing specific tasks, says Dr. Roberto Ríos Muñoz, radiology and molecular imaging specialist at ABC Medical Center.

How is artificial intelligence related to CT? Artificial intelligence has grown thanks to the increase in the volume of tests in recent years, improving the workflow and translating into shorter-duration tests, without sacrificing the quality of the images obtained. Currently, an imaging test can only take a few seconds to complete, compared to the minutes that were previously needed.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in CT

“The application of artificial intelligence (AI) increases productivity, is more accurate, speeds up the workflow with the rapid identification of diagnostic patterns, and systematizes routine tasks.”1

Dr. Ríos says that there are different applications for artificial intelligence in the use of CT, including the ER, oncology, cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, and even routine tests, among others.

Thanks to these advances, there are different benefits for the patient:

  • Less radiation exposure, decreasing side effects.
  • Greater accuracy in diagnosis.
  • Three-dimensional reconstruction of the area to be analyzed.
  • More precise tumor measurement for follow-up.

Artificial intelligence used in a CT is a tool that does not replace human potential, people are the ones who perform the test, provide patient care and, mainly, interpret the data obtained.

Thanks to the ABC Medical Center’s technological advancements, both patients and their families can be sure that their tests were performed with the latest equipment, thus obtaining results with the highest quality for better diagnostic accuracy.

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Dr. Roberto Ríos Muñoz – radiology and molecular imaging specialist at ABC Medical Center.

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