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Care and Types of Orthodontics

10 March 2023

Some people develop aligned teeth, but not all have this advantage and can have malocclusion or spaced teeth.

In these cases, orthodontics, a branch of dentistry, is responsible for solving existing problems in the jaw and teeth.

What is orthodontic treatment for?

Orthodontics seeks to study, prevent, and correct the alterations that exist in the jaw and teeth. This can start in childhood or in any adult, either due to the passage of time or an accident.

For this, orthodontics will focus on occlusal normalization, which is the chewing surface, or on dental displacement, which is the arch formed by the teeth, to correct chewing disorders.

Types of orthodontics

There are different treatment options depending on the type of problem that the patient has, such as age, budget, etc.:

  • Removable prostheses or appliances

    It uses appliances that allow their removal for cleaning and other actions, but when they are placed they are firmly attached to the teeth. Its function is to apply controlled pressure on the teeth to move them by springs, arches, screws, and other active mechanical elements.

    These devices are very useful for expanding the jaws and correcting crossbites or slight dental crowding.

  • Braces or fixed appliances

    With the joint use of braces, metal and ceramic elements glued to the teeth, these appliances can individually move each of the teeth in any direction.

    They are usually used in cases with dental malposition, rotated teeth, spaces between teeth, and any other type of movement.

What is invisible orthodontics?

Invisible orthodontics is a variant of fixed braces, in which these are not perceptible to the naked eye since they are placed on the inner face of the teeth, while conventional braces are placed on the outer face. Both treatments achieve the same results.

Given the wide variety of dental situations that a person can have, it is recommended that, if you are in this situation, you approach an orthodontist so they can inform you of the existing options that best suit your dental needs.

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