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Diabetes in children: causes and treatments

12 November 2021

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Key points:

  • In Mexico there are approximately 800,000 children diagnosed with diabetes.
  • 6 out of 10 were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and 4 out of 10 with type 1 diabetes.
  • Children with diabetes can have a normal childhood and adolescence.

Diabetes in children is associated with a high risk of acute and chronic complications, so timely diagnosis is very important to prevent it.

Types of diabetes

  • Type 1: this type of diabetes causes inadequate production of insulin by the pancreas. When this happens, the body does not metabolize sugar properly, causing it to accumulate in the blood.
    First symptoms: increased urinary frequency, thirst, fatigue, and weight loss despite having a strong appetite.
  • Type 2: this type of diabetes has been increasing due to childhood obesity.
    First symptoms: they are similar to those of type 1 diabetes, but they appear much more gradually. Dark areas of skin may also be seen, especially near the neck or armpits.

In the event of any of these symptoms, it is extremely important to go to your pediatrician immediately, since diabetes, especially type 1, can be very dangerous and require urgent treatment.

What is the appropriate treatment for diabetes in children?

Although there is no cure for diabetes, children with this disease can have a normal childhood and adolescence if they keep the disease under control.

  • Type 1: insulin is always the best treatment for this type of diabetes. Together with your doctor, necessary treatment and monitoring will be established for your child.
  • Type 2: can be controlled with a lifestyle change, with a diet and exercise plan, and may also require the support of medications such as metformin or insulin.

Remember that if you observe any of the warning signs in your child such as weight loss, excessive thirst, or increased urinary frequency, see your pediatrician immediately to rule out diabetes.

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