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Don’t let diabetes prevent you from leading a normal life

6 August 2022

Key points:

  • Like diabetes, tobacco affects the small arteries of the body, making it a dangerous combination.
  • Taking proper control of diabetes, you can eat almost everything knowing the correct portions and times.
  • Glucose monitoring is the best weapon to control diabetes.

Today, people living with diabetes can lead full lives, without the need to limit their quality of life.

Dr. Tatiana Piña Ocampo, an endocrinologist at ABC Medical Center, indicates that there are different suggestions to consider every day and, thus, achieve adequate diabetes control.

Monitor sugar levels

By constantly monitoring your sugar levels, you will be able to maintain goals and thus avoid long-term complications. Your doctor will recommend the frequency necessary to perform these blood level checks, which will allow you to make better daily decisions.

Get active

Performing constant physical activity will help improve glucose control; it is not necessary to go to a gym for hours, simply going up a flight or two of stairs, walking a little more each day, or doing recurring physical activities, will help your body to keep moving and in control.

Quit smoking

Smoking is harmful to health, but this damage increases in diabetics as it is the worst combination. Tobacco alters the small arteries of the body, just like diabetes does, resulting in an increased chance of complications in the brain, eyes, heart, or kidneys.

Living with diabetes is not a food limitation

Previously, it was thought that living with diabetes was synonymous with a life with limitations. The reality, says Dr. Piña Ocampo, is that you can eat almost anything if you take controlled care of this condition. For this, the important thing is to know the portions and times of the day at which certain types of food can be consumed. Being able to eat even cake or ice cream, after making well-informed decisions.

Your life is perfectly normal.

Living with diabetes does not prevent you from leading a normal life, you will only have to learn to make good decisions and take some special care such as checking your blood sugar constantly and on special occasions.

“The main cause of diabetes is bad eating habits full of refined sugars, saturated fats, and sodium, we add to this a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and the genetic factor.” 1

Seek medical, nutritional, and psychological support to learn to live and coexist with diabetes.

At the ABC Medical Center’s Diabetes Clinic, we can provide you with specialized care. Contact us!

Dra. Tatiana Piña Ocampo – endocrinóloga del Centro Médico ABC

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    Dra. Tatiana Piña Ocampo

    Dra. Tatiana Piña Ocampo

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