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Exercise and pregnancy. Is it possible? We will tell you!

1 May 2022

Key points

  • Being pregnant doesn’t mean you are sick, so physical activity will be a great ally to staying healthy.
  • Before performing any type of physical and/or nutritional conditioning, you should see a specialist.

Dr. José Smeke, an obstetrician-gynecologist at ABC Medical Center, tells us about the importance of eating a balanced diet and how pregnancy does not preclude the ability to exercise regularly.

  1. What exercises can I do if I am pregnant?
    It is important to be physically active during pregnancy, you can perform cardiovascular exercise such as walking, spinning, or elliptical machine. You can even consider functional exercises or weights with a low or moderate load, depending on your pre-pregnancy habits.
  2. What are the benefits of exercising during pregnancy?
    It prevents the onset of gestational diabetes, hypertension, overweight, and obesity.
  3. Are there any exercises that I should avoid?
    It is suggested to avoid certain impact exercises such as running, jumping, boxing, and any variation of mixed martial arts that exposes you to punches or kicks.
  4. Can I do the same exercise?
    If you are familiar with a sport, you can continue during this stage, just decrease the intensity with which you are used to doing it and forget about high-impact exercises.
  5. Should I change my diet?
    It is advisable not to leave out any type of food, eat a balanced diet with good caloric control and have a nutrition consultation at the beginning of pregnancy to broaden your outlook on what you should eat and in what proportions.
  6. Is it true that I should eat more?
    This is a myth, pregnant women manage to feel full with a smaller amount of food, therefore, it is suggested to distribute your 3 usual meals into 6 meals. This way, you will eat every 3 or 4 hours.

Whatever activity you choose to stay active during this stage, consider that it is essential to eat before and after physical activity and stay hydrated with any glucose and electrolyte-rich drink.

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