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Food at ABC Medical Center

11 May 2020


At ABC Medical Center a safe food handling process is implemented, this process ranges from storage, conservation, handling, preparation, transportation, and provision. Safe food storage includes following principles such as “first in/first out” which helps ensure that food is used before its expiration date. To avoid foodborne illness, an effective food rotation system is essential. The hospital offers a safe and precise food supply and nutritional products, guaranteeing that the food is stored and prepared at adequate temperatures to avoid the risk of bacterial growth.

We comply with the regulations in force for the hygienic handling of food when preparing patients’, the publics’, and users’ food:

Within ABC Medical Center this process includes:

  • Training
  • Hand washing
  • Merchandise reception
  • Food handling
  • Microbiological control of foods


  • JCI and CSG Infection Control Chapter
  • PO-SAN-COR-001 Hygienic Food Handling
  • NMXF-F-605-NORMEX-2015 Hygienic Management in prepared foods service
  • NOM-251-SSA1-2009 Hygiene Practices for the processing of food, beverages, and food supplements.
  • NOM-093-SSA1-1994 Goods and services, hygiene practices in preparation of food offered in fixed establishments.
  • International Health Regulations

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