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Sleep medicine will help you sleep and also rest

10 March 2023

Key points:

  • Sleep medicine has become a high-level specialty at ABC Medical Center.
  • The origin of a sleep disorder can have different physical, social, or mental reasons.
  • Sleep disorders can range from nightmares or insomnia to COVID-19 or reflux sequelae.

Having trouble falling asleep due to worry, excess caffeine in our system, time zone change, or other particular situations is completely normal. But if this situation becomes chronic or has no apparent reason for it to happen, we could be talking about a sleep disorder.

Sleep medicine is a specialty that focuses on seeking diagnosis and treatment for different types of sleep disorders, including their research and evolution.

In general terms, sleep disorders can be classified into dyssomnias that encompass persistent problems falling asleep or staying asleep for the correct time, this includes insomnia, snoring, and sleep apnea, among others.

On the other hand, parasomnias are those abnormal behaviors that occur during sleep and include sleepwalking, night terrors, and nightmares.

But there are other types of sleep disorders, which at first glance would not be considered, but which also affect sleep quantity and quality, such as long COVID-19, COPD, some neurological diseases, asthma, reflux, etc.

In sleep medicine, it is sought not only for the patient to sleep the correct amount of time and at the correct time, but it also seeks to solve the problems that prevent this sleep from being restful.

At ABC Medical Center you can find the Sleep Medicine service. This area provides polysomnographic studies, a type of study that is performed while the patient sleeps and allows the analysis of different factors including sleep cycles and phases.

Thanks to these studies, doctors will be able to establish an accurate diagnosis based on each type of disorder that has been detected.

The services offered through sleep medicine are turning it into a high-level specialty within the ABC Medical Center since different sleep disorders are treated through multidisciplinary care that benefits people since different specialists are involved.

Learn more about Sleep Medicine at ABC Medical Center’s Neurological Center, where we can give you specialized care. Contact us!

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