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Watch out for stroke symptoms. Know its types

22 August 2022

Imágen radiológica de persona con síntomas de derrame cerebral donde se toma de la cabeza

Stroke symptoms include numbness in the face, limp muscles in one arm, and difficulty speaking or understanding.

Stroke types and symptoms

A stroke occurs when the brain does not receive oxygen, ceasing to work properly as the affected cells die affecting memory, muscle control, and other motor aspects.

Stroke is a treatable disorder that, depending on the time it takes to be treated, may result in minor or major problems for the patient. Stroke types and symptoms.

What are the types of stroke?

Generally, there are two types of stroke:

  • Ischemic stroke. It is produced by the occlusion of an artery, which prevents blood from irrigating an area of the brain. The occlusion may be due to a local thrombus, a remote clot lodged in the brain blood flow, or to diseases of the brain blood vessels.
  • Hemorrhagic stroke. The rupture of an artery produces a hemorrhage, which causes a lesion or cerebral compression. This can be intracerebral or on the brain surface. It is usually associated with high blood pressure, vessel malformations, some cranial trauma, or dilation of the artery.

High blood pressure, excessive blood-thinning medications, and aneurysms in the blood vessel walls are other causes of strokes.

What are the symptoms of a stroke?

Although the loss of muscle strength in the arms, legs, or face is the most frequent symptom, there are other alerts to be considered such as:

  • Being confused
  • Difficulty speaking or understanding what is being said
  • Visual problems
  • Dizziness and loss of balance
  • Intense headache
  • Loss of consciousness

What to do in case of a stroke?

During a stroke, every second counts.

Therefore, clinical guidelines validate catheterization as an effective option to recover cerebral circulation and minimize damage. If you identify one or more symptoms of a stroke, call an ambulance immediately for timely care. ABC Medical Center is the only hospital in Mexico internationally certified for the care of cerebrovascular diseases (stroke).

At ABC Medical Center’s Care and Treatment of Stroke, we can provide you with specialized care. Contact us!


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