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What changes does a woman’s body undergo during pregnancy?

28 May 2021


Key points: 

  • Changes in the body during pregnancy are constant and necessary for the optimal development of the baby.
  • Month after month you will feel various symptoms, monitor them with your gynecologist.
  • Do not wait before any warning sign, go to your doctor immediately.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and challenging stages in a woman’s life, there are countless changes throughout it that are completely necessary to have a successful delivery.

Changes in pregnancy are normal, this information will be useful for you to feel more secure and recap each change step by step. There are also some warning signs that you should consider.

Remember that you must always be supported by a specialist who monitors your pregnancy to ensure that your baby’s growth, its health and yours are in optimal conditions.

Pregnancy is divided into three stages and each one is very important; these are some changes in the body of a pregnant woman week by week.

First trimester

What’s going on?

Approximately six days after fertilization, the fertilized egg reaches the uterus to nest in it. One part of the cells will give rise to the placenta, and the other part, to the embryo. At that time changes occur in the woman’s body.

What is happening to my body?!

Your weight has probably already increased a little, you may feel agitated and short of breath when doing some activities such as climbing stairs or walking long distances.

Some women may notice how their navel “pops out”, in addition to feeling cramps and swelling in the legs.

Tiredness will increase every day, it is normal, the body creates a defense mechanism for the coming months.

Although each woman experiences it differently, at this stage nausea, vomiting, and dizziness can occur.

Your breasts will feel more sensitive to the touch and will have more volume. It is normal for some small nodules to appear in the nipple areola as they begin to prepare for breastfeeding.

As the body adapts, some days you may feel very hungry and others nothing, remember that you are on your way to giving life!

Second trimester

At last the discomfort begins to subside, this stage is the most beautiful, enjoy it!

The changes in the body are more and more noticeable, your hips are wider and there is little trace of your waist.

Particular signs appear such as the darkening of the nipples, you will be able to notice a line through the middle of your abdomen that darkens little by little, it appears due to the hormonal levels that trigger variations of melanin, responsible for skin pigmentation. After birth it will disappear over time.

From the fifth month you can start to feel your baby.

Now your arms may be swollen due to fluid retention, you can have more hair and some areas such as armpits and freckles may become darker.

Your skin may begin to stretch and show stretch marks, a good moisturizer will help with itching and burning.

Your organs begin to have less space, so you should be aware of symptoms such as constipation, gastritis, colitis, and excess gas.

Third trimester

We are in the final stretch and your baby grows more every day, you can clearly notice the change in the size of your abdomen almost from one day to the next. Your baby is starting to settle into position to meet you!

Due to the weight, you may feel discomfort in your back. You may feel short of breath because there is less and less room for your organs.

The placenta needs blood, so your heart will pump faster to transfer it. It is normal to feel tired again.

Mood swings are out of control again, your hormones are working hard for the baby to be born.

It’s time to prepare your suitcase and expect the new member to come home at any moment.

Some women suffer from hemorrhoids due to pressure in the uterus, the baby settles into its final position and you can begin to feel small contractions below the abdomen.

It’s time to call your gynecologist!

A message from the entire ABC Medical Center team

Whatever method you and your partner chose to bring your baby into the world, we want to wish you the best, you can do it, trust yourself at all times. We know that changes can be complicated, but they can be summed up in a wait with love that you have longed for and desired throughout this process, your strength and energy are vital. We admire your courage and strength to go through this incredible stage.

At the Obstetrics Center of the ABC Medical Center we can give you specialized care. Contact us!


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