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Why do joints hurt in cold season?

30 December 2019

Low temperatures, typical of the cold season, are the cause of different diseases in the body. Among the most frequent are the common cold and flu.
The cold also has effects on our muscles and joints. During these seasons the muscles tense to maintain the body’s heat and temperature, which causes pain in the joints.
Recommendations to prevent joint pain.

  • Keep active. Practicing some sport or exercise favors joint movement and this will make them stronger.
  • Rest. The hours of sleep and rest are good for the bones.
  • Have a good posture.
  • Keeping your joints warm will prevent stiffness and swelling.
  • Have a good diet. Eating fruits and vegetables will provide us with vitamin C, with antioxidant properties which favor the creation of collagen, necessary to keep our joints in good condition.


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