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Exercise and cardiovascular health

10 February 2022

Key points

  • Exercise should be considered as an activity that influences the improvement of cardiovascular health.
  • The combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises provides important benefits to the heart and, in general, to your health.

Join us to learn about the benefits of physical activity and exercise performed regularly and what they offer at a cardiovascular level. In our next note Dr. Carlos Alberto Mérigo Azpiri, an interventional cardiologist at ABC Medical Center, will provide us with information on this topic.

    1. When is exercise healthy for the heart?
      Exercise is healthy when done regularly, on the contrary, if we do strenuous exercise irregularly, we increase the risk of cardiovascular events.
    2. How does exercise protect the heart?
      The heart is a muscle that is strengthened by undergoing regular training and thus reducing daily stress, with this, the heart rate decreases, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    3. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which is the best for the heart?
      There is no one better than the other, it would be ideal is to combine both since each one has different benefits for the cardiovascular system. The recommendation is to alternate these trainings to obtain a greater benefit. It is important that, as possible, you seek advice from a sports doctor to make an exercise plan according to each person’s objectives and condition.
    4. How long should I exercise for cardiovascular benefits?
      It depends on the type of training, for example, in aerobic activities (running, cycling or walking) we recommend at least four 40 minutes sessions a week. Regarding anaerobic exercise (HIIT or resistance training) we suggest 20 to 30 minutes sessions 2 to 3 times a week.
    5. Do I need to follow a special diet to keep my heart healthy?
      The diet is generally balanced, but it should be adjusted to each case, as there is no universal recommended diet, but there is an adequate intake of protein (to help muscle) or simple unprocessed carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables) to have energy during the workout. Remember that you should consider reducing the consumption of trans fats, salt, and alcohol.

Do not forget that, in addition to diet and exercise, knowing your heart’s health is vital to preventing cardiovascular diseases.

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