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How to make a healthy lunch for your children?

23 August 2019


Giving your children a good diet is important for their development and school performance, here you will know the correct way to prepare their lunch box.

The World Health Organization recommends that children eat a diet that helps them avoid malnutrition and prevent diseases such as diabetes, anemia, cancer, and cardiovascular problems.

We invite you to discover the basic principles of a healthy lunch box.

  • Balanced: include foods from the healthy eating plate (fruits and vegetables, cereals, legumes, and animal source foods).
  • Adequate: it should be prepared according to the child’s age and level of physical activity.

Preschool: 217 to 240 kilocalories

Elementary school: between 275 and 290 kilocalories

In both cases, it will be possible to increase 150 and 200 kilocalories if they practice sports such as swimming, karate, soccer, etc.

  • Practical: use airtight containers so that food is not damaged and can be easily transported.
  • Varied: ensure that the foods are of different colors and textures so that the combinations are attractive.

The foods mentioned below can be consumed in moderation since their abuse can cause health problems.

  • Sweets, they provide large amounts of sugars.
  • Dressings, sauces, and spicy foods cause food to spoil when they are not refrigerated.
  • Sausages contain a lot of salt and saturated fats.
  • Soft drinks and artificial juices, as they contain dyes and sugars
  • Fast foods are characterized by being made with high oil content.

Cooking tips for parents:

  • Grill, boil or bake food.
  • Do not reuse oil.
  • Moderate salt and sugar consumption.
  • Cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces.

Remember that in our Nutrition & Obesity Center we offer you the best personalized attention and advice to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.


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