Pediatric ages

10 March 2023

Pediatricians help care for the health of children throughout their different pediatric ages, monitoring their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Thanks to the attention offered by pediatricians, it is possible to reduce mortality in children, control infectious diseases, alleviate chronic conditions, promote the development of a healthy lifestyle, and detect diseases.

What is the pediatric age classification?

To better control the child’s health, doctors have divided the stages of the child’s life into several periods, this allows to provide them with the correct care and cover all their needs.

Know the pediatric age of your child

  • Premature. Any baby born before 37 weeks falls into this category, which is further subdivided according to the number of weeks completed.
  • Newborn. Newborns up to the first month of life.
  • Breastfed baby. From the first month and up to one year.
  • Toddler. It covers from the first year to four years.
  • Older child. From five to 10 years old.
  • Teen. From the age of 11 and up to adulthood.

Up to what age does a pediatrician care for children in Mexico?

Although it may vary, pediatric care can last up to 15, 18, or 21 years of age.

It must also be remembered that, from the age of 15, the child can request to be treated as an adult and want to see a family doctor like the other members of the family. In this case, the pediatrician should be consulted about this situation.

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