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What is dermatitis?

7 June 2018

Paciente con dermatitis sin tratamiento

Dermatitis is a multifactorial disease that manifests by irritation upon contact with some object or chemical substance, it also occurs due to allergies, and represents one of the main skin conditions.

There are different types of dermatitis:

  • Acute: it is caused by exposure to objects that cause irritation and bubbles known as blisters, as well as redness, pain, and burning.
  • Chronic: it is caused by exposure to some chemicals. It causes rough, cracked, and itchy skin.
  • Due to mechanical activity: it happens due to frequent hand washing or keeping some part of the body wet, as it causes the protective barrier of the skin to be lost.
  • Due to hypersensitivity: irritation due to cutting a vegetable, handling meat, or citrus fruits.

There are different products that can cause dermatitis, among them are:

  • Imitation jewelry
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Paint and solvents
  • Cosmetics
  • Lotions and fragrances
  • Soaps and shampoos

It is important to talk to your doctor and avoid home remedies, as they can cause complications and you need a diagnosis and treatment.

For its treatment, compresses with antiseptic solutions, drying pastes containing zinc oxide, calamine, or emollient creams and some anti-inflammatories are normally prescribed.

We recommend using a neutral cream, which is unscented and does not contain chemical or animal derivatives, in order to restore the protective layer of the skin.

With information from the Secretariat of Health.

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