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Reasons and benefits of seeing an orthopedist

22 August 2022

The pediatric orthopedic specialist will follow the correct growth of the children and will detect conditions that must be treated.


The traumatologist and orthopedist treat problems that affect the motor system, which is made up of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, thus managing to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, and prevent effects caused by accidents, congenital problems, or bad posture.

Due to the nature of the injuries, orthopedic care for adults and children is different.

What does a pediatric orthopedist do?

Musculoskeletal problems in children are very different from those in adults because children are growing and thus have very different responses from the body to injuries, infections, and deformities.

A pediatric orthopedic specialist cares for children from birth to their teens, addressing a wide variety of conditions.

What kind of conditions do a pediatric trauma and orthopedic specialist detect?

  • Congenital hip dislocation
    It is multifactorial and must be treated as soon as possible to increase the success rate in preventing its aftereffects. Treatment will depend on each case and the child’s age.
  • Foot deformities
    There are a wide variety of conditions within this precept such as pronated flat foot, clubfoot, tarsal coalition, and vertical talus, among others.

Pediatric orthopedists may also address the treatment of fractures, bone or joint infections, mobility abnormalities, and extremities or spine deformities.

When should children be taken to the orthopedist?

In the first years of life, it is normal for children to have bad posture in their feet, knees, or hips because their bones, muscles, and posture will correct themselves as they crawl, stand up, walk, or run.

Before the age of two or three, the tissues that support the joints are loose or weak, but as they grow these tissues become tighter.

For this reason, pediatric orthopedics is recommended from two or three years of age, at which time there is a more controlled motor development and the orthopedist will determine if there is a problem and, if so, the treatment to follow.

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