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The beginning of a freer life with menopause

23 August 2022

Key points:

  • As a woman, you should not consider menopause as the beginning of old age, but as a new stage to do things you have always wanted.
  • Having left the reproductive stage behind, opens the doors to a new stage to enjoy your sexuality.
  • The decrease in hormones in the climacteric can be easily corrected through medical check-ups.

Menopause is normally considered the time in a woman’s life when she stops having periods and undergoes hormonal changes, but the reality is that menopause exclusively refers to the period when she had her last menstruation, says Dr. Claudio Góngora Lastra, endocrine gynecologist and climacteric specialist at ABC Medical Center.

Menopause begins just when menstruation ends, regardless of whether this occurs naturally or due to other situations, such as removing the uterus, which will prevent the menstrual period from returning, but the hormonal function will continue and, therefore, climacteric will arrive at the time that it would normally do for any woman, around 47 and 51 years old.

Dr. Góngora  says that climacteric is the period of transition in women from their reproductive to the non-reproductive stage, which begins about five years before menopause and can last up to 14 years after it, covering the before, during, and after.

The climacteric is a transition period that lasts for years, before and after menopause, as a consequence of ovarian depletion, associated with a decrease in estrogen production and the loss of the ability to produce hormones, follicles, and oocytes over the years.1

There are different myths regarding menopause and climacteric, which Dr. Góngora solves so that you have more accurate knowledge about this new stage in your life.

One of the main myths around menopause is the zero benefits that this change provides women. But the reality is that all stages of a person’s life have benefits. From this moment on, and having left the reproductive stage behind, you will be able to have a fuller sexuality, regardless of how you feel, how you live, and how you know yourself and your partner. You will also experience new situations in which you can develop as a woman, and achieve economic, spiritual, or academic growth that had previously been conditioned; resulting in absolute freedom over yourself.

Another myth is the idea that old age comes with it. Dr. Góngora indicates that the idea of old age is an attitude since menopause only means that reproductive life has ended.

The decrease in hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can be easily corrected through medical check-ups and specialized care. The important thing at this stage is that as a woman you know that it can be the door to a more fulfilling phase of your life if you wish.

Menopause generally comes around the age of 47 and, currently, life expectancy exceeds 80 years. Therefore, you have many years ahead to do everything you want to do.

Regarding hormonal changes, a myth that has hints of reality is related to menopause and anger. Dr. Góngora affirms that at this stage your emotions may be heightened, but you also have more opportunities to give yourself periods of peace or situations that help you calm them down. On the other hand, not all women will suffer alterations in their emotional or affective ability; but in case you feel that this is happening, you should know that you have the knowledge to choose the activities that help to counteract this situation and use the new freedom that you already have to help you.

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Dr. Claudio Góngora Lastra – Endocrine gynecologist and climacteric specialist at ABC Medical Center.

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