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What is Internal Medicine?

22 August 2022

Doctor atendiendo a un paciente en medicina interna de México

Internal medicine specialists help to perform proper comprehensive health care in adults.

What is Internal Medicine?

Internal medicine, also known as comprehensive medical care, offers a service aimed at the prevention, diagnosis, timely treatment, and monitoring of infectious, respiratory, endocrinological, dermatological, rheumatic, nephrological, gastrointestinal, and hematological pathologies, to name a few.

Thanks to their knowledge, internal medicine specialists encompass different areas of medicine, allowing the doctor to provide comprehensive care for each patient to establish a diagnosis and, if necessary, refer the patient to another specialist.

What role does internal medicine play?

Internal medicine’s purpose is to diagnose the health situation of the adult patient, based on the study of biological, social, and psychological aspects. It also seeks to carry primary outpatient clinical care continuously.

Internal Medicine Diagnoses

To find the right diagnosis, internal medicine uses all the technical resources and laboratory tests that are used by other specialties.

Internal medicine specialists can intervene in many treatments including outpatient consultations, comprehensive health care for patients with increased vascular risk, care for patients with diabetes, heart failure, etc.

Once diagnosed, the patient receives comprehensive care for the pathologies they suffer from or the diseases that affect their organs. Managing to maintain control and avoiding continuous visits to different specialists.

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