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The first institution of its kind in Mexico that offers treatments at the same level as the best medical centers in the world.

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The Cancer Center has a comprehensive care model for cancer patients.

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Oncology Care Units

The Cancer Center offers chemotherapy treatments comparable to those offered by the best medical centers in the world (innovative therapies).

In radiation therapy procedures, evidence-based treatment plans are granted and discussed in groups with experts from the Houston Medical Center and Methodist Hospital, performed with state-of-the-art equipment.

The Hematopoietic Cell (bone marrow) Transplant Unit is also available for the care of pediatric and adult patients, and has experience in self-transplantation and transplantation from related and unrelated donors, offering internationally comparable results.

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Infusion center

In front of our Campus Santa Fe, we offer outpatient treatments of chemotherapy, for chronic-degenerative diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, immunodeficiencies, kidney diseases, among others.

This center offers chemotherapy treatments (in its various modalities), immunoglobulins, antibiotics, hydration management with parenteral solutions, pain control medications, intravenous iron, catheter irrigation, infusion removal, catheter treatment, administration of bisphosphonates (zometa), application of specialized medications (somatuline, denosumab, filgastrim, pegfilgastrim, faslodex, zoladex) for stable outpatients who do not require hospitalization.

In infusion therapy, the patient is given intravenous treatment that, due to its rapid and safe action, allows recovery and improvement of their condition. There is a general practitioner trained in oncological treatments, which differentiates us from other infusion centers and puts us at the forefront of timely care, which translates into a minimal risk of complications inherent to this type of treatment.

The center has nine cubicles, all equipped with armchairs type reposet, televisions, headphones and tables for laptop, in addition to having a view of the garden.

More information: 1103-1600 ext. 1710

Cancer Center Services

We offer comprehensive patient care plans aimed at early diagnosis and effective treatment.

Care for Pediatric Oncology Patients

Pediatric Oncology

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Cancer Center

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