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Helpful tips for new moms

10 September 2020


Key points:

  • The importance of family planning.
  • When should I give the news about my pregnancy?
  • Prenatal courses
  • Nursing

Family planning

When we talk about family planning, we refer to all those health and education services, as well as contraceptive methods that allow people to have the number of children they want and to plan when to have them. It is considered one of the most effective strategies to save the lives of women and children, in addition to contributing to improving their health and quality of life.

Here are some things you should consider if you want to get pregnant:

  • Consider that if you want to have a child with your partner you must have good emotional stability, a baby is not an opportunity to fix difficult situations, pregnancy is a beautiful stage if both of you want it but at the same time it can be complex since you will need much patience.
  • If being a single mother is within your wishes, plan how your baby will be cared for while you are at work and the economic burden that it will represent.
  • Make sure your health is in perfect condition, perform a general check-up before, during, and after your pregnancy to avoid any setback or complication.
  • Free your body of any toxins, drink plenty of natural water, and say goodbye to bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Consider taking psychological therapy, pregnancy is a stage as beautiful as it is complex since hormones could cause mood swings and even pre or postpartum depression.

Prenatal check-up

Now that you’ve made the decision and your pregnancy test was positive, go to your gynecologist to perform adequate prenatal care and monitor your baby’s growth.

The first 3 months are crucial since the care you must take is important to avoid a miscarriage.

You will be very excited, with a lot of feelings, and eager to tell everyone the good news, however, we recommend you to wait at least until week 12 (three months) to announce the arrival of the new member, so you will be sure that everything is going great.

Prenatal courses

Prenatal or psychoprophylactic courses will provide you with excellent tools to lead a healthy and conscious pregnancy. If you are a new mother, you will surely have many doubts about when the time of delivery will be or what is the best option to have your baby.

The great advantage of both these courses and your prenatal control is the participation of multiple experts in the field, from lactation consultants and doulas to gynecologists with various specialties who will explain how your body will change, how hormones will affect you, and what symptoms they can cause, the types of births, and even what to do when the time comes.


Once your baby is born, you will have to focus 100% on its feeding, breastfeeding is the only method that can guarantee a healthy childhood.

We know that it can be overwhelming at first, you may even consider formula as an alternative, but keep in mind that you will not find more nutritious food than breast milk. If you need help, look for a lactation consultant, she will give you all kinds of advice so that this stage is much calmer and more bearable.

There are multiple pregnancy books, get informed in everything you consider appropriate and do not forget to consult with specialists whenever necessary.

In our Ob-Gyn Center, we have highly trained and qualified personnel to accompany you throughout the process, schedule an appointment with us to start your prenatal control. We are waiting for you!

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