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Make exercise a habit, not a torture

24 February 2022

Key points

  • Daily exercise has a positive impact on people’s health by improving their quality of life.
  • Any age is ideal to perform physical activity beyond the aesthetic benefit it provides.

It is believed that physical activity is only the responsibility of great athletes or those who want to lose weight, however, if your goal is to improve your well-being, in exercise you will find more than a hobby and you will stop perceiving it as a punishment when it actually benefits your health in the short, medium, and long term.

To help us learn more about this topic, Dr. Marco Sánchez Bretón, traumatologist and orthopedist at the ABC Medical Center, shows us 5 benefits for your health through physical activity:

  1. Improved memory and cognition
    Walking as a daily routine has been shown to provide a great boost for the brain.
  2. Prolongs quality and life expectancy
    Research published by the AHA (American Heart Association) reports that adults with an average age of 69 who walk 30 minutes a day for five days a week are 67% less likely to die from any cause compared to less active individuals.
  3. Healthy heart
    30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 35% and the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 40%.
  4. Increase creativity
    Walking increases blood flow to the brain, which means more energy, oxygen, and stronger neural performance.
  5. Prevents weight gain
    Including 30 minutes of walking per day is enough to maintain healthy weight control.

Likewise, Dr. Marco Sánchez Bretón answers some of your questions regarding the estimated amounts that will be used to condition your body:

How much time should we dedicate to sport?
It depends on the objective, if you are a person who is starting, 30 minutes of exercise (mild to moderate) per week is adequate. On the other hand, if you are already used to exercising and want to improve your sports performance, it is better to look for a personalized practice that balances exercise and rest to avoid injuries due to overload.

What is the recommended minimum daily physical activity time?
In children and adolescents (from 5 to 17 years old) a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity daily with moderate to vigorous intensity is recommended; although if they dedicate more time to exercise the benefits will be greater.

On the other hand, adults ages 18 to 64 should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity per week, or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic physical activity each week. If your physical abilities allow it, we recommend combining moderate and vigorous activities.

How long do I have to run to burn fat?
To lose weight, you need to reduce the number of calories you consume and increase your physical activity. If you are starting to run to win the battle against the scale, you should know that there is no exact time but that with training sessions of between 30 and 45 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week will be enough. The key is to combine time and intensity, for example, low-intensity sessions with a longer duration or high-intensity sessions with a shorter duration.

At first, try to do a single set of the exercise of your choice, using enough weight or resistance level to tire your muscles after 12-15 repetitions.

How to lose fat?
This is a mix between a proper diet and the regular practice of physical activity at different intensities, with this, you will increase the intensity improving your performance.

To conclude, it is necessary to emphasize that before performing any type of physical activity for the first time, you should consult a doctor to assess your condition and guide you to know if the activity you wish to perform is appropriate for your health and age.

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